About Us

Frank Sabas, has been a professional mountain guide since 2003 and has personally conducted over 100 major expeditions on the Kilimanjaro Climb.

During his professional career of over 14 years, he has spent over 2,100 days of active guiding and is a Certified High Altitude Fist Responder Guide and Awarded Advanced Diploma in Fiest Aid Intensive training with the American Mountain Doctors and Guides Association.

Frank is a co-owner and active manager of Karibu Adventures & Safari Ltd, ┬áis a native of Kilimanjaro Region, and received a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism from Open University of Tanzania, followed by a Professional Techniques in Tour Operations.

There are a lot of companies offering Kilimanjaro climbs and each does it differently. As you investigate the different Kilimanjaro options on the market, keep the following in mind:

Mount Kilimanjaro is non-technical climbing, is very high and must be taken seriously. Climbers are at health risk from the altitude.